Professional Voice Overs

We have lived in the United States for over five years, but the Queens English still courses through our veins. Although we both lead very different professional lives - we are UK native, well rehearsed at speaking confidently and have experience doing voice overs.

We work out of a recording studio, so can deliver a quality recording within 72 hours.

Rachel Lampen

Rachel Lampen

I have been in Public Relations over half my life so I am very used to using my voice and public speaking. Since living in America I have delivered voiceovers for answer-phones, videos, commercials and I sing with Mind The Gap. My father was in the forces so we moved around the country, therefore I can vary my accent from Ab Fab Darling to Cockney Adele.

I’m known as the ‘One-Take’ Wonder. My most memorable job was recording the phone system at Richard Gere’s hotel. The best part was when we met and he recognized my voice.

Dr. Leonaura Rhodes

Dr. Leonaura Rhodes

Leonaura is a Medical Writer, Course Developer, Author, Coach and fantastic Public Speaker. If you are looking for a medical voiceover she worked for 25 years as a physician in the UK. A public health doctor, neurotherapist, coach and medical writer so won’t become flummoxed over pronunciation of complex medical terms. Leonaura is a narrator for Harvard Health Publishing courses, regularly podcasts and has a soothing, clear voice.

She can speak standard English, posh it up or throw in a Northern Accent.

Terms and conditions

  • We provide unlimited revisions but any changes made to the original script will incur an additional charge

  • Please provide as much information as possible. If you have a company name that is hard to pronounce please provide either a voice clip or it written phonetically

  • Detail to the tone is greatly appreciated, description or even an example is very helpful (youtube)

  • We charge by the hour

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