Treasure Hunt Tours


Fun self-guided Treasure Hunts (Scavenger Hunts) culminating in great food. Choose to walk (or drive in colder weather) explore and enjoy. We provide a complimentary consultation to understand your needs and make it magical.

Our mission is to gets kids off screens and let adults be kids. These hunts are not just about answering questions, we want teams to find hidden objects, special characters, and landmarks in their towns that they didn’t know were there! They need to problem solve and be creative with pictures and video. We check in with businesses beforehand so they are prepared for excitable groups.


For a 13th birthday party, there were 20 boys in total! I split them up into groups of four and gave them strict instructions to meet us at the destination restaurant. To make things more exciting, I added on a penalty where they lost points for every minute they were late! It was so refreshing to see them off their screens, and working together in teams. I think the image speaks a thousand words. They were hungry and happy. They felt empowered and independent, having been trusted to get to the restaurant without adults! For younger children, parents are welcome to chaperone. For little ones, we can plan a hunt in the local park or the privacy of your garden.

Each tour is custom made and private for locations within CT, NY, Austin & England. If you want it to be themed, no problem. We want it to be magical and memorable. Our team will brief the group beforehand - the hunts normally last one hour thirty minutes and we find a suitable rendezvous venue. We will be present at the destination to add up scores and announce the winning team or teams. We always like to provide a keepsake for participants. For a 50th birthday party it was a button for her group to wear and currency to pay for drinks. Photos and video will be posted on our Facebook Page.

  • Children’s Treasure Hunts start at $45 per child (minimum groups ten)

  • Adults Treasure Hunts starts at $55 per adult (minimum groups ten)

  • For Corporate enquiries (Team building, rewards, office party), please call or fill out the contact form for a quote.

Add Ons - Concierge Service

Invitations - we can design these to compliment the theme of the party.

A celebratory meal - from pizza, burgers and cake for kids to a food truck or canapés and a 3-course dinner with wine for adults.

Don’t want the party to end? We work with a local Trivia company who can put together a quiz.

Unique Goody Bag Gift - we work with a local business who customize lounge wear, totes, pillow cases etc. so you choose what each item says from zip codes to Birthday Girl Katie to Charlie’s Slumber Party 2018.

We can book local bands provide live music for your party.


Selfie Stations.

General Waiver and Liability Release Form

We require a minimum of four weeks notice to plan each hunt. Upon purchasing a ticket or approving a quote, the participant(s) or the organizer will need to read and sign the general liability waiver and release form.

For all inquiries please contact or call 203 970 8432 or visit the Treasure Hunt Tours website: